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8 June, 2015

The UK paper driving licence is no more

As from the 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart to the UK photocard driving licence won’t be valid and will no longer be issued by the DVLA.

What does this mean for me?

If you hold a paper counterpart, from the 8th June 2015 it will no longer have any legal status. You should destroy the paper counterpart after this but retain your current photocard driving licence.

What if I only have a paper driving licence?

If you have a paper driving licence and it was issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998, it will remain valid and should not be destroyed.

If you need to update information like your name, address or renew your licence, you will be issued with a photocard only.

How will penalty points be issued?

New penalty points (endorsements) will only be recorded electronically, and won’t be printed or written on either photocard licences or paper driving licences. If you commit an offence you’ll still have to pay any applicable fine and submit your licence to the court but the way the court deals with the paperwork has changed.

For photocard licences, the court will retain the paper counterpart and only return the photocard to you.

For paper licences, the court will return it to you but they won’t have written or printed the offence details on it.

This means that since 8th June 2015 neither the photocard driving licence nor the paper licence provides an accurate account of any driving endorsements you may have. Instead, this information is held on DVLA’s driver record, and can be viewed online, or obtained by phone or post.

How will I confirm my driving record to an employer?

Click here to follow the step by step guide on how to share your driving licence details.

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