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7 December, 2015

Luxury Cars Cause More Accidents!

Luxury = Claims

A recent survey has recently been collated and figures are quite surprising!

The survey by leading insurers between July 2014 and July 2015 shows the car which has lowest “at fault” insurance claim rate out of any car make is actually the SMART car with 78.6 fault claims per 1000. So when owners of smart cars tootle past you on the roads you will now think again before smirking. In actual fact another stereotype was seemingly put to bed in this survey as it shows Subaru a typical boy racing car slotted in third with 79.7 at fault claims per 1000.

By comparison the luxury brands such as Audi and Land Rover had higher fault claims with 105.2 and 110.1 respectively, with Lexus falling bottom with 111 fault claims per 1000 drivers.

These figures show the clear relationship between owning a luxury car and having an insurance claim.

Insurance premiums costs are based upon the statistical likelihood that a car will be involved in an accident by analysing figures of the engine size, mileage, driver details as well as other factors. Some cars such as a Ferrari will have higher insurance premiums compared to a Peugeot for instance. This is because of the parameters stated about and also the data concluded in the bar chart.

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