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Live Well, Work Well: Make relaxation your New Year’s Resolution

As you determine your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to put mental health at the top of your list. Specifically, keeping stress levels under control is a concern for the majority of the UK population. In fact, a recent study by the Mental Health Foundation revealed that nearly 75 percent of Britons have felt so stressed in the past year that they have been unable to cope with routine tasks.

What’s worse, 46 percent of Britons have eaten unhealthily due to stress, 29 percent have increased their alcohol intake and over 50 percent began feeling depressed. Don’t let your overall health suffer as a result of excess stress. Implement these self-care activities in your routine to help de-stress in 2020:

  • Enjoy life outside of work—The pressure of work-related responsibilities is one of the leading causes of excess stress. Make sure you cherish your life outside of the office by avoiding work emails after hours and planning fun activities during your time off. Also, don’t be afraid to tell your supervisor if you are feeling overwhelmed by your current workload.
  • Adopt healthy habits—Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help boost your mental health as well. This includes drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and spending time with friends or loved ones at least once every week.

Try and share these fantastic tips with your employees, it could have a huge impact on their productivity within the workplace. For more information on your business insurance, or if you require a quote, please get in touch with us by calling 0121 778 2044 or fill in our online quote form.

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