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Liability Insurance for the Waste Industry



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Are you and your business safe?

Our aim is to provide the right insurance to businesses that are able to demonstrate high standards and to avoid litigation wherever possible.

Whilst working on a picking line, a waste industry employee suffered severe head injuries as a result of an 8ft fall. The safety barrier that should have prevented such an incident was so badly corroded that it collapsed as the victim fell against it.

This incident occurred over three years ago and the resulting claim has still not been settled, although the insurer has made a reservation in excess of £700,000 to cover the eventual payout. We all know that waste is high-risk. But did you know that our safety record is worse than that of the construction industry? There were over 4,000 reported incidents last year at a rate of 2,500 per 100,000 workers and the number of fatalities doubled. The industry now has the worst safety record of any in the UK.

These statistics represents a personal tragedy for those involved. But the financial costs are also very significant. Investigations have to be launched; compensation claims have to be managed; and, in extreme cases, prosecutions have to be defended. In some instances, a claim made by one employee results in a deluge as people try to jump on the compensation bandwagon! And, although insurers have not yet reacted, we are highlighting the situation now so that you are prepared in case the situation changes.

Here are our tips to help you avoid accidents and the resulting distress. They are particularly relevant if you operate a skip hire business or a transfer station but are applicable to all of us:

  • Take your health and safety policy seriously. It is there for a purpose! Make sure it is tailored to your specific needs and avoid the temptation to get one “off the shelf.”
  • Make sure you have an employee responsible for health and safety at every location and support them! Ensure that a policy of reporting unsafe equipment and practices is actively encouraged.
  • Monitor your machinery. Check it regularly (and keep records) to ensure it is fit for purpose. Adhere to maintenance schedules. And implement and communicate processes for managing breakdowns.
  • Protect your people. Provide and record safety and skills based training to make sure your employees are competent in their roles. Update training at least yearly. Provide personal protective equipment as required and make sure it is signed for.
  • Communicate effectively. Maintain effective processes and make sure their contents are understood and implemented. Keep signed maintenance, training and accident records and ensure that signage is appropriately displayed. Taking these steps could save a life! They will certainly improve your safety record and, in the last resort, they will help to prove that you have adhered to your regulatory responsibilities.

We understand the Waste Industry and have specialist staff to deal with all of your insurance requirements. Arthur Marsh are proud to be a member of the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM).

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