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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance



We can cover you for:

  • Entity Defence
  • Employment Law Protection
  • Management Liability

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. Essential cover for an ever-changing marketplace.

Unfortunately, in today’s litigious society, directors and officers liability insurance is an absolute must in order to protect the directors’ and officers’ personal assets which are at risk from the potential claims that might come their way.

Today, more than ever, companies are open to a number of threats posed by industry regulations and ever changing government legislation and having an adequate directors and officers insurance policy in place will provide peace of mind and protection, should it ever be required to defend individuals and some circumstance the entity (Company) itself against actions arising from ‘wrongful acts’.

Directors and senior managers will have their own responsibilities and practices as per outlined in their job descriptions. However, in carrying out their roles they become exposed to a number of potential causes for claim including; fraud, competition, employment ,data protection, health and safety, negligence and many more. The directors and officers insurance policy offers protection against this.

‘Wrongful Acts’ include but are not limited to, actual or alleged breaches of trust or duty, neglect, error or breach of authority.

Employment Law Protection provides cover for your legal liability following an employment dispute, legal costs and expenses. Some Insurers can provide HR Expertise for creation of your employment documents.

There are a number of factors that will help determine your insurance premium and these will include the limit you choose, the industry your business operations within and your financial performance over the past three years. After assessing your information your premium will then be calculated.

If you are not sure which directors and officers liability insurance you require then simply give us a call and we will provide you with all of the details you need to make an informed decision.

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Adjusting your policy

We understand that requirements change and we have streamlined the process of adjusting your policy when required. Our account managers are on hand to handle this aspect of your cover so you can be confident that policies are updated correctly and the cover that you receive is adequate.

Our claims service

Arthur Marsh has a full time Claims Manager who is experienced to deal with all Commercial and Personal Lines Claims and will endeavour to make your settlement as swift, fair and as stress free as we can manage. Further information about our claims service can be found here.

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