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Business Interruption Insurance for the Waste Industry



We can cover you for:

  • Loss of profits or Revenue
  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Customers and Suppliers Extension
  • Temporary Relocation
  • Denial of Access to premises
  • Rent Payable

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How long would it take for you to recover from a major incident?

Late in 2011 a company suffered a major arson attack which meant that they could no longer trade from their premises.

Fortunately, they had taken out Business Interruption Insurance to cover such an eventuality but they had neglected to let their insurer know about a major new investment in plant to increase capacity or the employment arrangements of the security guard on duty at the time of the incident. The result was a delay in settling the claim that they could not afford.

Imagine what would happen if you suffered a fire, flood or even a serious burglary. How long would it take you to recommence operations? Where would you accommodate your staff and how would you access critical company information?

Waste is a specialist industry, so acquiring the specialist plant you need at short notice is both difficult and expensive. While eliminating the disruption a major event would cause is clearly impossible, an effective, proven business interruption plan will minimise the distress and help to retain the customers you have worked so hard to win.

Here are some simple tips to help you begin to put an effective business interruption plan in place:

  • Identify sources of hired replacement plant and equipment. The list will be long! But it should include operational plant, vehicles, temporary accommodation, IT and telecommunications, power generation etc.
  • Maintain accessible off-site back-ups of critical company data. You will need to communicate with customers, employees, suppliers and all your other stakeholders in a hurry.
  • You will also need to able to access operational data. This can only be done through a thorough business interruption plan.
  • Document your plan. It will need to be implemented very quickly so everybody needs to know what to do. This is no time to be ‘muddling through!’
  • Test your plan. You cannot afford to wait until disaster strikes to see if your plan works! Make sure it is tested and rehearsed.
  • Put in place the appropriate insurance cover. Recovery will be expensive; you will need access to funds quickly; and your cash flow will suffer
  • Keep your insurer up-to-date with your business plans! Your insurer cannot reasonably be expected to take into account the effect of a major investment on your business prospects if you haven’t told them about it!  Keep them fully informed to minimise delays that you simply cannot afford to incur.

We understand the Waste Industry and have specialist staff to deal with all of your insurance requirements. Arthur Marsh are proud to be a member of the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM).

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